Tizen will be a serious rival for iOS, Android, and OS Firefox

The operating system has just been introduced in between the arena Mobile World Congress, Barcelona. And, it seems that the operating system is saving potential. Because the giant mobile phone manufacturers from China, Huawei, mentioned joining the Tizen Association. So is the leading provider of European origin, Orange. Cnet launch, February 27, 2013, the operator was rumored to be selling Tizen based smart phones from Samsung and Huawei this year. Japanese mobile operator, NTT DoCoMo, became the first operator to sell smart phones Tizen. Mentioned, the first smartphone Tizen will run debut sometime in July or August. Kiyohito Nagata, managing director of strategic marketing and chairman of the Association of NTT DoCoMo said Tizen, Tizen meluncurnya smart phone is the starting point of future success Tizen operating systems and ecosystems. Debut Tizen phones will target the upper middle segment, and priced at U.S. $ 300 equivalent to Rp2, 9 million per unit. After that, Orange says, Tizen phones will be "crushed" in a number of emerging markets in 2014, with a price of U.S. $ 100, the equivalent of $ 1 million to the bottom. Holders of the title of the world's largest mobile phone, Samsung is rumored to be replacing the previous operating system, Bada with Tizen, because it is considered more potent. However the South Korean vendors have not yet decided the fate of Bada.

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