Poor People Denied Health Card 8 Hospital

Dera truly tragic fate, baby rejected eight hospitals, because the family could not set up costs. Although there is no guarantee of the government health card, still no one accepted. The hospital argued, ranging from full room, the facility is not sufficient to be considered a family can not afford.

"I've used sound card. Especially at Harapan Kita, I dimarahin he said 'if you can find baseball going." In private hospitals dimintain DP Rp 15 million to Rp 12 million, "said Herman - the victim's grandfather - melancholy.

Herman was no longer able to do much. Moreover, just as a father Dera sandals itinerant traders. "It's to Cipto (RSCM), Harapan Kita, RSPP, Fatmawati, Budi Asih. Reasons no equipment, full. At RSPP seems hesitant initially said there was room after he asked the cost and said it was full of baseball equipment," confidante.

Death Dera Nur Anggraini, premature babies, it is ironic because it happened in Jakarta, the city that has many hospitals and ironically again, his family has Jakarta Health Card. However, government health card Jokowi-Ahok products touted to ensure residents get the health care that was not spur.

A total of eight hospitals have didatangani parents Dera, Saturday (02/16/2013), but all of them refused to provide care. One by one hospital refused on the grounds every room is fully charged. Ilyas Faithful Nugroho, the father, is not discouraged when the hospital refused, he was brought to the hospital to another. However, the same fate, the hospital refused on the grounds there was no room for the baby.

As reported TVOne, the first time, he came to Madura Hospital, the largest hospital in Jakarta, which is guaranteed to be the patient will receive a health card holders. Cipto reject and Ilyas bring to Harapan Kita Hospital. Here, too, was rejected Dera baby and also experienced the same thing in RS Fatmawati.

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