Ussy Sulistiawaty has entered the 4th month of pregnancy

Ussy Sulistiawaty has entered the 4th month of pregnancy. Appropriate, pregnant women generally, any Ussy past cravings.

Primary Andhika wife was admitted cravings coto Makassar. But it is not unusual coto Makassar in Jakarta. Ussy just like that of coto Makassar directly. Duh!

"Cravings coto Makassar. Should buy there directly. But eventually nyuruh others, Dhika shoot him again," said when met at Studio Ussy MNCTV, Taman Mini, East Jakarta, Monday (07/02/2012).

Ussy said, in this second pregnancy she no longer so complicated as that first pregnancy. Moreover, Adhika also always ready to accompany his wife.

"Andie's husband is alert. If your doctor has always accompany," he explained
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