News of the divorce the couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

News of the divorce the couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes really had a public scandal. But they finally managed to reach an agreement in their divorce.
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service car Quoted from TMZ, the couple who have been married for 5 years is finally parted on good terms. Both have come to fruition, so the separation is finally beginning to heat up can be completed with a cool head.

"The case of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have found common ground in an agreement. Tom pleased with the decision, so did I," said attorney Bert Fields has always Tom.

"This case has been finalized and the agreement has been signed. We are happy to join her and her family, we are also happy to see him step into a new sheet of life," said Jonathan Wolfe, a lawyer for Katie.

According to one source, Tom is allowed to stay in touch with Suri after separation. Indeed, since some time ago, Tom always try to get the divorce took place peacefully.

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