Boko Haram bomb claims the Church in Nigeria

Bomb explosions rocked five churches in the towns adjacent to Zaria and Kaduna, as well as in towns and Barnawa Nassarawa in the southern state of Kaduna. Kaduna local government immediately imposed a 24-hour curfew.

At least, 10 people were killed in acts of retaliation against Muslims by Christian youths angry over the bomb attacks.

Boko Haram claimed dozens of attacks in Nigeria, including a suicide bombing in August at the UN headquarters in Abuja, killing at least 24 people.

A series of bomb attacks in the city of Jos, central Nigeria, on Christmas Eve 2010 was also claimed by Boko Haram.

Boko Haram launched a campaign of violence in 2009 which was brutally crushed by the military that killed about 800 people and destroyed the mosque and their headquarters in the city of Maiduguri, northeastern Nigeria.

The group has been inactive for about a year and then appeared again in 2010 with a series of murders.

Nigeria's population of more than 160 million people divided in the largely Muslim north and the south, which are predominantly Christian.
As reported by, local security officials said, the next hour the explosion also occurred in Kaduna City Church in Sharon.

As a result of suicide bombings, the young Christians in Kaduna and Zaria to react violently with burning tires and blocking major roads. Meanwhile, the local government imposed a curfew after the suicide bomb attacks.

Bombings of churches is a new mode of swarms of terrorists in that country. Earlier, a suicide bombing occurred in a church in Jos is located in North Negeria, during the service. 5 people found killed by such brutal action.

Two weeks ago, the church bombings also occurred in North Negeria, as many as 15 people were killed in the incident. Previously, the group that menglaim Bako Haram itself as Nigeria Taliban allegedly involved in a series of bombings at churches

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