VIDEO : 7 Dead, 3 Hurt in Christian School Shooting

A gunman opened fire Monday at a Christian university in California, killing at least seven people, wounding three more and setting off an intense, chaotic manhunt that ended hours later with his capture at a shopping center, authorities said
Yes of course it is people who kill people, but these people do it much more efficiently, and easily with a gun than a knife, or a sharpie as I once heard in an extreme example. I guarantee if this guy was armed with a sharpie, or a knife, 7 people would not be dead right now.
Gun ownership is in the United States Constitution not just because they were afraid of an invasion's to assure citizens a last ditch method to protect themselves against it's own Government in case it becomes an evil dictatorship & no longer serves the people...
Don't like the Constitution?...Move
That's the media looking for a sensational news story so they can say their story changed gun control laws...
They don't care if their manipulation & misinformation starts gun control, gets innocent people killed, or even a civil war ...all they care about is their story & ratings
That is of course when they're not trying to find a new celebrity to build them up so they can bring them down...
All I would like to say is, why is it when a tragedy like this happens, the first thing you see is an interviewwith some one going on about there are to many guns and how tragic that is! That gun didn't do a thing except, function when its owner pulled the trigger!! Its an old suing but its the truth, guns don't kill people! People do!!

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