The best smartphones to buy cheaper than $100 (and without a long-term contract)

Most smartphones that are “on sale” cheaper than $100 will end up costing you countless numbers over the course of a necessary two-year contract. Of course , you can buy a smartphone without a contract, but end up paying several hundred dollars for a device that might be outdated by the time you will get out of the store. Nor of these options are perfect for the particular pocketbook.

Thankfully, you can find quality mobile phones available at smart prices that you simply won’t have to commit to long-term. Regardless of whether you will sign up to a more flexible program from a smaller cellular carrier, choose a prepaid billing option, or perhaps purchase an “unlocked” smartphone from an online retailer, you can find superb deals to be able to dial directly into.

Listed here are the best smartphones to buy cheaper than hundreds of bucks, but with no strings attached.

BlackBerry Curve 8530/Virgin Mobile phone ($99. 99)
Maybe you have wanted to get your hands on a RIM BlackBerry device but sensed priced out there by the two-year contracts necessary by the major companies which includes Verizon, AT&T, Spring and also T-Mobile? Enter Virgin Mobile. Right now, Virgin is offering the particular BlackBerry Curve 8530 smartphone for just $99. 99. This tough device is still a favorite in the corporate world, offering great safety and plenty regarding connectivity options. Using a full QWERTY keyboard, usage of 1000s of apps in BlackBerry’s App World, a 2-megapixel camera, and also social media features, the particular Curve is an excellent way to get into the world of RIM without the hassle of a long-term contract.

Virgin Mobile’s smartphone plans start at just $35 a month and include 2 . 5GB regarding full-speed 3G data. Furthermore, you can find no credit checks, activation costs or perhaps support contracts.

HTC Wildfire S/U. S i9000. Cellular ($99. 99)

Generally for the affordable choices, U. S i9000. Cellular usually clothes the particular chart when it comes to customer satisfaction research. As well as a good selection regarding contract-based smartphones, you can find prepaid kinds too, and we identified the gray HTC Wildfire S i9000 (also in purple) for just $99. 99 online. Though it's not the particular fastest or perhaps newest Android smartphone on the market, the particular HTC Wildfire remains perfectly competent at running 1000s of Android apps, boasts a 3. 2-inch capacitive touchscreen, 5-megapixel auto-focus camera and also runs on the Android 2 . 3 Gingerbread os.

U. S i9000. Cellular offers a variety of prepaid plans for that HTC Wildfire S i9000 starting with $40 monthly (there are cheaper plans, but you’ll need a data program if you’re buying a smartphone). U. S i9000. Cellular also provides strong 3G insurance coverage across the Usa and also high voice-call quality.

ZTE Score/Cricket Wi-fi ($89. 99)

Cricket Wi-fi offers a decent selection of no-contract smartphones under $100 that work on its 3G network. The particular ZTE Score is an Android smartphone available for just $89. 99. Admittedly, it is a fairly basic device, but it nonetheless comes with a 3. 5-inch HVGA display, accelerometer, 3. 2-megapixel camera and also, most importantly, usage of the particular hundreds of thousands regarding apps in the Google Enjoy Store. Regardless of its lowly processor and also smallish display, it’s nonetheless perfectly competent at running many of your favorite games, great example of such and also productivity equipment.

Additionally, for customers searching for an Android smartphone using a traditional slide-out keyboard, the particular Samsung Transfix is available from Cricket for just $99. 99 for a limited time. Using a 3. 5-inch HVGA touchscreen, 3. 2-megapixel camera and also an 800MHz processor, like the ZTE Score, the particular Samsung Transfix will run most Android apps on its Gingerbread 2 . 3 os. Using a removable microSD card, storage isn’t an issue, and that slide-out keyboard is handy for those who prefer these.

Cricket’s smartphone plans start with $55 monthly, but to become alarmed to be able to sign a two-year contract and no activation costs. These Cricket deals are online-only, so get clicking if you want to benefit from these.

Samsung Replenish/Boost Mobile phone ($99. 99)

Carrier Boost Mobile phone is another popular way to get no-contract smartphones for a good price, cheaper monthly costs and no long-term commitment requirement. Regarding $5 or perhaps $10 extra monthly, Boost customers can also make cheap calls internationally to be able to landline mobile phones. The particular Samsung Renew is available regarding Boost customers regarding $99. 99. It runs Android 2 . 3 Gingerbread and offers a touchscreen and also individual QWERTY keyboard. Like Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile phone also offers the particular prepaid BlackBerry Curve 8530 regarding $99. 99.

Boost Mobile phone offers a wide variety of plans, many of which boast “Shrinkage”, which can reduce your monthly costs when you keep payments up-to-date. Unlimited plans begin with $50 monthly, but expect an extra $5 monthly regarding Android and also $10 monthly regarding BlackBerry plans. But with no contracts plus a dependable across the country network, these are nonetheless good deals.

Great deals not offered by the particular companies
Online retailers often have great bargains on particular smartphones that may usurp the particular deals offered by the particular companies. Walmart, for example , is currently offering the particular LG Optimus V regarding $99. 99, a $20 reduction at the device with Virgin’s own site. This Android smartphone runs an older version regarding Google’s os (Android 2 . 2), but that should nonetheless function many people just fine. Very low 3. 2-inch touchscreen, and also features Swype text entry regarding easy virtual keyboard insight.

Also, prospective prepaid customers must keep a careful eyesight on AmazonWireless. com. You can find usually no-contract Android products available like the Samsung R720 Vitality prepaid smartphone on Cricket regarding $73. 99, or perhaps the Samsung Praise on MetroPCS. Be warned, however , that these deals come and also go quickly.

Want a House windows 7 telephone or perhaps older iPhone?

Sadly, it is virtually difficult to find any no-contract options for new House windows 7 smartphones that can come in under the particular $100 indicate. The particular Nokia Lumia 710 House windows 7 device can be purchased on T-Mobile as a prepaid smartphone but you’ll need to pony-up $329. 99 for it. If you undertake need to get your hands at the newest Nokia Lumia 900, it is available at AT&T for a mere $99. 99, but you’ll need to be a new consumer signing-up for a full two-year legal contract. This means you will spend nearly around you will paid for it monthly for the entire length of your current contract (or experience early on termination fees).

Regarding Apple’s iconic iPhone? Effectively, the latest iPhone 4S is pretty much a contract-only device together with AT&T, Sprint or perhaps Verizon, and is likely to set you back $200 right off the bat. Thereafter, you will end up at the catch for an expensive two-year commitment. Older iPhone products are available at better prices from AT&T, however. A new iPhone 3GS together with 8GB regarding storage on board can be got for just $0. 99, or perhaps choose a renovated one for a mere dime. The particular catch? You will guessed it – you’ll end up being affixing your signature to a new, two-year contract using a necessary data program. If you are looking for all your great apps and also games the iPhone offers, but don’t desire the particular long-term monthly payments, you’re best bet is to pick-up a new Wi-Fi only iPod touch regarding $200 (and not need an actual phone). You can even take your probabilities and buy an unlocked used iPhone on eBay as well as other sites.

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