Mind-boggling sculptures bring perspective to Park Avenue

Most illusionists are content to restrict their eye-dazzling tricks to paper, paintings, or webpages.  Miami sculptor Rafael Barrios has something a bit more ambitious in mind.
Between now and June 30, nine stainless-steel sculptures designed by Barrios — each weighing about a ton — are being publicly displayed along a stretch of New York City's Park Avenue, between 51st and 67th streets.  Chosen by the Fund for Park Avenue, the sculptures are typified by the one seen in this video

Essentially a massive, three-dimensional perspective illusion, the sculpture seems from one angle to be far thicker than it actually is. As described in the press release for the sculptures, Barrios's technique — which he has been perfecting since the 1970s — is called "Virtualism." Barrios describes it as "the creation of visually [participatory] pieces by dislocating events in our perception. Volume is virtually modeled and modified in form—depending on distance—shifting with the position of the observer and the changes in light throughout the day."
Special thanks to Heth and Jed Weinstein, who shot the video. Their YouTube channel can be found here.

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