HELLO CUPCAKE IN USA cake that is booming in the world is cupcake. Enjoyment cupcake complete with a variety of shapes and flavors plus toppings. This cake is also a trend in the United States.

Hello Cupcake, became one of the shops pride in Washington DC. The fragrance of newly cooked cake welcome upon entering this cupcake shop.

Hello Cupcake owner who is a Greek-blooded woman, Penny Karas, saw an opportunity since the cupcake boom hit the U.S. in early 2000, Monday (5/3).

"Making cupcakes were really fit with my hobby. I can make a variety of flavors in a variety of sizes and can be made in a pretty little package. I'm sure everyone loved it and I loved it," said Penny Karas.

There are about 50 cupcake flavors that turn sold every day. Surely the customer has chosen a favorite flavor. "The most I like dark chocolate cupcake with chocolate-coated topping. I really like dark chocolate," said the customer, Steven lovern.

Penny is also often hold decorated class cupckes good for both adults and children.

Cupcake said supposedly mentioned in the cookbook in 1796, but the new cupcakes recipe was first written in 1828. Cupcake business in the U.S. was in the honeymoon period. In addition to many cupcake shops across the U.S., a large franchise stores can generate a turnover of up to millions of dollars per year. Cupcakes delicacy and sweetness seems to be to the people of all time.

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