When Two Beautiful Women SNSD Compete

Girlband Girls Generation or SNSD is better known as the rise. Girlband are made ​​up of nine beautiful and sexy woman also was worldwide. They are also well-known compact. However, it does not mean its personnel are not competing.

As is known, though joined in a group girlband, artist management where SNSD shelter does not limit the artist to pursue a solo career. They allow personnel to perform their own SNSD good for the advertising model and starred in the drama serial.

As experienced by two personnel SNSD, Yoona and Yuri. Both of these beautiful women starring in the drama serial is different. Yoona starring in a drama 'Love Rain' with Jang Geun Suk, while Yuri play in the series 'Fashion King'. Both personnel SNSD drama was released in the concurrent time in March. Time slot will be aired at the time of competing.

Two of this series has a different storyline. 'Fashion King' tells the story of a young designer who has high ideals. While 'Love Rain' a story about a love story past lovers.

As quoted from Soompi, for Yuri's acting debut in the series was first starred in the series. As for Yoona, it's the third time he got the lead role in the drama. Yoona has previously starred in the series 'You're My Destiny' and 'Cinderella Man​​'.

Reportedly fans can not wait to see the competition two friends are on the screen. They want to know, who's managed to get the attention of viewers.

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