VIDEO: Russia, China Veto UN Resolution on Syria

Russia and China have vetoed a Security Council resolution backing an Arab League peace plan that calls for Syrian Pres. Bashar Assad to step down amid escalating violence. Ambassador Susan Rice says the U.S. is "disgusted" by the vote.
Nothing is more interesting than to see how the United States is owned by the world bank system. They bought Washington and they will have it do their bidding, No matter how many Americans are killed they will want more and more and more. That's why we are in a never ending war.
that was as undiplomatic as it gets , I don't believe there are "good guys" in this, but One time the Russians finally vetoed what they have stood against , did they veto the Libyan action NO ! so we in The United States don't get the green light to take another military action and our ambassador throws a tyrannical hissyfit , one she's not qualified for the job and two diplomacy can work if two sides are willing to compromise !
Russia&China like murdering Syrians. Russia&China sell weapons to AssAssAsad and let him murder Syrians for their pleasure. Pootin&HooJintao enjoy watching AssAssAsad murder the Syrians. Susan Rice is much too nice to Russia(Pootin), China(HooJintao), & Syria(AssAssAsad). She should refer to them as the Syrian murdering bastards that they are. Pootin, HooJintao, and AssAssAsad should join Osama in Hell. It's time for all these murdering bastards to be stopped.
I think that the rest of the world views the United States as a cruel country when, although wars have begun, the government believes it will help the world to be more peaceful in the future. Many people forget the fact that we were attacked first and only see the war as if we have sparked it. Although I do not personally like the wars, other nations must realize that we are only protecting our freedom from terrorists.
hunn, u have too dark skin, ur grandma and granpa would be just good material in german soap factory of americans did t won WWII, and chinese think of u as dark shit, do t worry, they are not christians and they hate consumer society, u would found ur place if no america on world

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