VIDEO: Al Jazeera reports on torture inside Homs

The Syrian government has been blamed by opposition groups for imprisoning tens of thousands of protesters calling for reform since the uprising began in March 2011.

Rights groups beleive many of the prisoners have been tortured, some until death. Outside the prisons, the government has continued its military crackdowns protests, killing thousands of people across the country.

In the third part of a series of exclusive reports, Jane Ferguson goes inside Homs, one of the main targets of President Bashar al-Assad's security forces
Al-Jazeera is an anti-dictator channel. That's why many dictator worshipers hate it because it revealed the crimes of Gaddafi and Al-Assad to their own people. While Russia Today is a pro-dictator channel.

Russia Today is for Russia interests only. It's not a real news channel.
Russia Today and Press TV, although good on Palestine, will support anyone that is pro-Russian/Iranian or anti-Western. Seems like a lot of people support Assad just because they are anti-western, because the West is generally anti-Assad. Wrong is wrong, every case should be judged in isolation, and if even a quarter of the atrocities in Syria are true, then its a disgrace, and Assad should go.

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