Umenyiora fined $20,000 for missing mandatory interview session

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Osi Umenyiora was fined $20,000 on Wednesday for skipping a media session at the Super Bowl.
The New York Giants defensive end missed a mandatory 45-minute interview session with the press. League officials announced the fine two hours later.
Team spokesman Pat Hanlon didn't explain Umenyiora's absence, but said the missed session wouldn't affect his ability to practice or his playing status for Sunday's game against the New England Patriots.
Two things instantly jump out from this story:
1. It only took two hours for the league to fine Umenyiora? That's some swift justice for the NFL. Transatlantic boat journeys in the 1790s took less time than it usually takes the league to assess fines. Did they hire Judge Judy when we weren't looking?
2. When I first read this story, I thought Umenyiora was being fined for missing Tuesday's media day. But, no, it was a separate 45-minute interview session on Wednesday that he missed. What possible things could Umenyiora have talked about on Wednesday that he couldn't on Tuesday? His thoughts on the Florida primary?
Umenyiora explained his absence later in the day.
"I misunderstood the schedule," he said. "It won't happen again, and I will be at tomorrow's media session and available after the game."
Good. The world will be eager to hear his opinion on Wednesday night's episode of "Top Chef."

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