Snow storm in Japan Kills 52 People

Extreme weather seemed to be found in nearly all parts of the world. In Japan, the snow storm that occurred has killed morethan 50 inhabitants.

West coast of Japan's most feel the impact of this blizzard. In addition to killing dozens of people, some 600's residents are also reportedly injured.

As quoted by ABC news, Thursday (02/02/2012), which occurs when a blizzard is the worst since the last six years. Not onlycause casualties, this snow storm has also undermined a bridgeand had to stop teaching and learning activities as a result some schools are closed.

Today, the three women found buried in a landslide for one hourat the nearby hot springs in Akita Prefecture precisely in the WestSea, Japan. Fortunately they survived though was unconscious.

This condition is enough to make the western Japanese city ofadversity. The reason is, it takes a lot of money to clean up theirarea after the snow storm hit.

An official in Niigata prefecture said nearly half of the 30 cities located in the area they had run out of funds to clear snow-snow.As for the northern region of Japan, precisely in AomoriPrefecture, the government has proposed additional fundingcleanup of Tokyo.

Residents also began to face the frustration of the government'sslow response. They were finally berinsiatif clean the remnants ofsnow after a storm that really significant stuff sebnarnya endangertheir safety.

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