're Covering, Correspondent "New York Times" Dies

Senior correspondent for the New York Times (NYT), Anthony Shadid, died while covering the turmoil in Syria, on Friday (17/2).

According to the NYT photographer, Tyler Hicks, Shadid asthma attacks during the shooting was going on. Shadid's father, Buddy Shadid stated, as long as this is indeed his son has asthma and has been frequently undergo treatment.

"At that time, I stood beside him. Shortly before he died, I had to ask the situation and he said fine, but after that he fainted" Hicks told the AP on Saturday (18/2). According to him, after a few minutes of unconsciousness, he tried to give first aid but Shadid breath slowly even disappear.

According to the NYT, reporter Anthony Shadid is the best he had. "Shadid very good person, modest and generous. He contributed greatly to break the news to the people of the world. I feel lucky to have a fellow like him," Sulzberger said.

A number of state officials mourn the death of Shadid. White House spokesman Jay Carney expressed his sympathy for the deaths of Shadid. "We are deeply saddened at the White House upon his departure. He is a correspondent of a boon to us," said Carney

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Najib Mikati Lebanon sense of condolences on Twitter wrote: "sincere condolences to the family reporter Anthony Shadid. He is my friend and I greatly admire."

Shadid was twice awarded the Pulitzer Prize for two camera shots in Iraq and Libya. Previously, he had survived the incident in the West Bank, Palestine, in 2002.

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