Football fans clash in Egypt, 73 people killed

Football fans clash in EgyptTregedi heartbreaking hit the Egyptian football. Around 73 fansreportedly died in a match that brings the two local clubs withAl-Masry Al-Ahly, in Port Said, Thursday, February 2, 2012.

As reported by Sky Sports, information about the deaths of 73fans were delivered Egyptian health authorities. In addition todeaths also mentioned there were about 1,000 people whosuffered injuries in the incident.

According to reports, the accident came from the brutal actions of Al-Masry fans, as the host, after his team beat Al-Ahly successwith a score of 3-1 in a Champions League continued the Egyptian President. They went into the playing field so the refereeblew the long whistle.

Initially, a swarm of fans seen chasing Al-Ahly players. But then they attacked fans abuzz for the visitors by throwing stones,bottles and fireworks.

"This incident is a major disaster in the history of Egyptianfootball. It's unfortunate," said deputy health minister, HeshamSheiha.

According to Al-Ahly midfielder Mohamed Aboutreika, security forces assigned by the committee is not able to do anythingduring the incident. "They could not even protect us (the players). Isaw a fan was killed in the locker room," said Aboutreika

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