A British Airline pilot to fire a Pakistan Origin for fear of repeating the pilot's tragedi 9/11.Unnamed pilot did not recieve him dismissed on the grounds of dicrimination.

As she cried in a pilot trial that his superiors felt confident he would crash plane into a building "i believe the reason for dismissal was race and my religion. they justify it from other people's action are the same religion and race with me," she told the defense attorney, as reported by the daily mail.

the pilot was also rejected claims that he does not deserve airlines fly becouse it has a relationshipwith two extreme muslim men suspected of planning the use of aircraftin the next terror plans.

both men had been subject to acts of terrorism article, but one of these charges revoked after being found not guilty by the court.

in this case, the pilot and his brother also was detained although later released. younger pilots is unknown islamic group hizb ut-tahrir, while the pilot was never a member of similar organizations.

although the airline also know this, but they are still asking the pilot was rellated to the discovery of document as wellas the dictates of brotish aviation map hizb ut-tahrir in the hoses of suspected terrorits.

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