Again, the driver killed in the Circuit

Again, Driver Killed in Circuit News grief came back from the racing world. Young rider, Oscar McIntyre who fell in 600 cc Superstock event were reportedly killed while attending the opening session of Superpole World Superbike race at the Circuit Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia, Saturday, February 25, 2012, at 14:00 local time.

The Daily Mail reported that the driver of 17 years suffered a fatal accident in the second round of a scheduled 12 laps. McIntyre had to be addressed by the medical team, but his injuries are too severe, the lives of young men from Queensland can not be helped.

McIntyre's death makes the opening session of Superpole World Superbike racing to be canceled.

In addition to McIntyre, the two other drivers were also involved in the deadly accident. Luke Burgess was taken to the circuit medical center before being allowed to go home, while Michael Lockhart still have to undergo further tests.

"We also expressed condolences to the families of McIntyre and those affected by this accident," the statement from the official World Superbike website.

McIntyre became the umpteenth racers on the circuit last breath. Still fresh in the memories of the past October 2011, Marco Simoncelli Sikrkuit died at Sepang when he joined the MotoGP race weekend.

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