Video: Alleged Costa Concordia passenger video debunked

UPDATE: It turns out we were fooled, at least momentarily.  The above video is not actually from the Costa Concordia. It's actually from this video of the Carnival Paradise cruise ship, whose "Elation Dining Room" briefly flood in 2009.I called Carnival Cruise Lines and a spokesman confirmed that they video is from the Paradise.
You can watch another video of the dining room flooding here.  And it turns out we aren't the only ones who were tricked, as the video has been making the rounds online and even on TV outlets including CBS's "Early Show," CNN and Sky TV.
Unfortunately, the most popular version of the Carnival video pushes false information as well. The video's uploader writes:
I was on a cruise with my friend Keith. We had just left Catalina island that evening and we had to cancel our dinner plans because our ship started sinking. The guy I'm filming is my friend Keith. I decided to keep on filming as we were running for our lives hoping that somebody could find this footage in case we didn't make it. Luckily we survived.
In this video taken by a passenger aboard the Costa Concordia, we see water begin to flood down the sinking ship's stairwells as passengers scramble to find a way to safety. Thankfully, it was only a burst pipe and the situation was quickly resolved.
The audio is somewhat muffled, but there's no ambiguity about the terror of seeing ocean water pouring down from above when you are below deck on a sinking cruise ship. Still, it's remarkable how calm the one crew member and several passengers in this video appear. Especially, when in the video's final moments you can hear one of the passengers trying to give the cameraman directions for reaching the ship's deck: "We have to go up. No, we have to hurry up and go down and then go up."
There have been 11 confirmed deaths in the massive boating accident so far, with another 21 individuals still reported as missing.

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