Tiny Baby Set to Head Home

Tiny Baby set to Head Home Miracles CAN happen. My mother's body spontaneously aborted me when she was only five months pregnant - I was 2 lbs. 4 oz. at birth and dropped down to 1 lb. 6 oz by the next day. They didn't think me or my mom were going to survive and they told her that if I DID survive, I would have all sorts of problems and disabilities. They thought I would end up with Mental Retardation or Cerebral Palsy. I do have a few disabilities: I'm legally blind in my right eye and have double vision as well (called Esotropia), I have Birth Hypoxic Brain Damage so anything that has to do with numbers, math, directions, etc. are difficult for me. I'm also only 4'9 in height, which makes me a great deal smaller than most women my age. When I started school they told my mom I would probably never even graduate.

Now I'm nearly 25 years old, graduated High School with a 3.5 gpa, made a 24 on my ACT the first time taking it without even studying for it, got accepted into the best University in our state directly after high school, have a degree in Court Reporting, and have been happily married for almost two years now. Miracles can certainly happen, and even if these little miracle has difficulties as she grows older, it isn't impossible for her to beat the odds and go on to live a happy and successful life. Good luck to you, little one! xxx
my daughter was born at 28 wks and her heart stoped twice right after hr birth. scared me to death. she graduated 6th in her class and now is engaged to get married. no problems at all. you have a very special child, a fighter. congratulations!

My heart goes out. My son was brought home at 4 lbs and scared the life out of me. He was colicky for years--but now he's a brilliant, perfect 12 year old! I couldn't love my children more. It's hard when problems surprise you, but you will make it!!!
I was just a few ounces over a pound when I was born and that was back in 1969. I was called a blue baby, because I was well blue, due to lack of oxygen because my lungs were not fully developed at the time. I was kept in the hospital for two months until I reached 5 pounds. I have no health problems due to being born premature, my Mom was only halfway through her pregnancy when I was born. God sees and knows that sometimes stuff like this will and can happen and that the babies born this small and early can survive and lead normal lives.

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