Taunted Girl Dies From Fatal Disease

  tounted girls dies from fatal disease

Taunted Girl Dies From Fatal Disease

Shame on that lady. I hope it gets so bad for her that she moves out and away from human beings. So sorry for the family and especially the little girl who had to endure this terrible illness. So just know that we are all thinking good thoughts for you and that soon you all will find some peace and joy in your life. I know your little girl rests in Gods arms right now.
Why is it that when a child passes on and the news is posted on here it becomes a battle of comments between atheism and faith? A child died that's the issue here. She died of a disease and was the target of somebody's severe lack of moral character. Both are bad, and if you're going to comment on this you should probably stick to the matter at hand. How about "Her family is in my thoughts, nobody should ever have to go through t

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Taunted Girl Dies From Fatal Disease

The woman that posted the offensive pics is Jennifer Lynn Petkov...it clearly shows it in the video clip. I looked it up on facebook and apparently it's been taken down but there were some links about her posted. This was a comment that was left on one of the pages I read. 
 live in a bordering city. This story broke out when the Neighbor, Jennifer Petkov's children, were denied access to a children's birthday party that was happening at the Edwards home. Petkov didn't realize that the reason she didn't get an invite for her children is because the Edwards didn't get to a text message right away asking if they could come over. Petkov then started the facebook posts and doing things like driving a make shift hearse down the street. Endless obscenity yelled at the family and she even tried to run a neighbor over. The entire story is tragic and the entire Petkov family are swine.
The name of that neighbor is "Jennifer Lynn Petkov." In the newsreel, you see her name appearing next to that sickening picture she made. Google her name and you'll find earlier stories about the little girl and that disgusting neighbor.


And that image with the grim reaper? It's the little girl's mom, who also died of Huntington's disease at age 24. What a piece of trash.
The story didn't mention why the neighbor was bullying this little girl. Anyone know? It's beyond my imagination why someone would do that. Did she really just pick out a poor sick little girl and decide for no reason (not that there is a good reason) to do this? Who does something like that?

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