Store owner robbed while trying to watch Fox News

When I was in High School many years ago in Upstate New York, our classes were set up as blocks of subjects with a common theme, if you were going to college, you took the Scientific route, the Engineering route, or the Classical, which would be the
Liberal Arts of today, then we had Commercial studies which included typing, shorthand, office practices, office machines and then bookkeeping, and accounting, Then we had the technical courses in which one class would build a house from the ground up in one semester, another class which would do auto repair, and another aviation technology skills.
There were required core classes - English, History, Math, Health/Biology, without which one could not graduate and credits for those subjects chosen to augment the others i.e. Electives, such as typing recommended for anyone going to college.
When we graduated from high school we were prepared to go to school, get jobs, and in general know where we wanted to go. Yes, we had a program of work study, which allowed credit for jobs away from school. I worked in a photography studio for three semesters, others worked as cashiers, in auto repair, in offices as file clerks or typists. Today, we have forgotten that it takes a foundation or platform to get the skills needed to hold a job. But there must also be a community in which the dollar value is not the only thought on the minds of the Human Resources people and owners. You cannot hire experienced workers if you are unwilling to train them and if that is the case do not complain that you cannot find good workers.
Companies need to be more responsible to the community, state and national agenda rather than just the profit margin. If they don't change, then they will find that all those outsourced jobs overseas, will ultimately be taken by those willing to move out of the US, and into places where these jobs have gone. The companies will have no one to blame but themselves.
Of course, our school systems need to change and require that students be taught to take responsibility for their own actions, if you don't want to study, then you won't pass and you won’t find a decent job. This is a very simple concept, which parents and teachers need to grasp. We need more core education and less of those subjects taken because we think it is the socially responsible thing to do. We need students who can read write and speak English like a native, know why they have freedom of speech and a fifth amendment in the Constitution and how to use it responsibly. That school is not just playtime for Moms to get relief from their children with a “free” babysitter. “Free” is a very expensive use of taxes.
Who cares! I'd have urinated on them too! Its war! The media needs to take 10 steps back. Everyone needs to shut their trap and understand what the word "enemy" means. If someone is trying to kill me, I'd not only urinate on them after I killed them, I'd hang their bodies from a tree for the vultures to feed on. Get off the backs of our soldiers. If people want to complain about what is happening overseas, I suggest they pick up a gun and fight the war themselves. If not, then shut up.

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