South Korean ship explodes 15 januari 2012

Seoul: A South Korean cargo ship Doola no. 3 drowned after exploding in the northern island of Jawol near the Port of Incheon, South Korea.

As a result of the tragedy, at least three crew are confirmed dead, eight missing andfive others were rescued. Of the three crew members who died two Myanmarnationals and a South Korean people. Deadly explosion occurred the morning afterthe vessel's dead weight 4191 tons of finished oil unload cargo.

Doora Shipping Company vessel owners believed the explosion occurred due togas leakage from a tank vessel.

"We believe there is something wrong in the process of removing the remaining oil from the ship's tank," said a senior company told South Korean news agency,Yonhap

"These ships usually carry diesel engines but this time bringing the oil. We are investigating whether the charge of oil is the cause of the explosion," said the top brass.

So far, the authorities are still investigating the cause of the explosion that resulted in 16 people manned ship was sinking.

Although the incident took place near the border with North Korea, which raisedspeculation that the sinking was due to attack North Korea. But the allegations wereimmediately rebuffed the South Korean coast guard officer.

"The explosion occurred just below the border line with North Korea. We see littlelikelihood that (North Korean attack)," said a spokeswoman for the South Koreancoast guard forces.

At the beginning of last week, a South Korean fishing boat Jeung Woo 2 burned andsank in Antarctic waters near New Zealand. In the event that three crew membersdied. (

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