Shawn Whiting (20) and his girlfriend, Bronte lovers killed along Fordham

Shawn Whiting (20) and his girlfriend, Bronte lovers killed along FordhamDoom was able to pick up anytime. But the events that befall a pair of lovers in Australia this tragic existence. In their lifetime, they seemed inseparable. Which originally started with friendship, this young man and woman then became lovers.But ultimately, the angel of death to pick them both almost simultaneously.
Shawn Whiting (20) and his girlfriend, Bronte Fordham spent time together at the Hotel Mullaley, near Gunnedah in northern New South Wales on Sunday, January 15 local time. At that time both were hanging out with their friends at the hotel bar.
When the bar closed, they went home, but by using a separate vehicle. On the way home, Fordham lost control of his Mazda sedan dikemudikannya. The car crashed into a utility pole. The 19-year-old girl was killed at the scene.
Not long after, the car driven by Whiting across the scene. According to the Daily Telegraph on Monday (1/16/2012), the young man rushed from her car to help the victims. But Whiting then stepped on a fallen power lines after a car hit his girlfriend.The young man had electric shock and died instantly.
A passing motorist stopped in the area when he saw the body lying Whiting.
"He went out to investigate and found the body of a man lying on top of electrical poles collapsed," said Inspector Fred Trench.
It was still dark road conditions because the time was 04:30 o'clock local time. After that car drivers are also seeing the body Fordham.
The incident took place not far from the residence of the couple. Local police believe that the accident that killed Fordham happened at about 03:30 local time.While Whiting expected to arrive at locations around 04.00 local time.
Death of a spouse raises profound sorrow for the family and their friends. Both are known as being friendly and nice.

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