Rain Wind, Tree tumbles, Jakarta snafu

 Rain accompanied by strong winds hit almost all parts of Jakarta, on Thursday afternoon, January 5, 2012. Puddles and fallen trees begin to create chaoticconditions in the capital.

Trees with large size does not fall far from the Palace of the State and to close a road, or rather be on your way Merdeka Timur.

Other fallen trees are also located in Jalan Abdul Muis Tanah Abang, GambirStansiun front which is now shut down two lane roads.

"Lots of fallen trees and standing water. We are to record the overall location and willsoon inform the community," said Brigadier The Dawn, TMC Metro Jaya Policeofficers when contacted VIVAnews.com.

While in the Upper Hamlet, a lamppost which collapsed also make traffic flow hiccup.Incidence of other uprooted trees jammed jugamembuat Kedoya Artery region, longstalled.
Similarly, in the region Jatiwaringin Road, East Jakarta, there are two fallen trees that block the traffic. Road users are encouraged to be vigilant and avoid areas that are currently affected by traffic due to fallen trees blocked and stagnant water

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