Potential McDonald's move causes uproar

Potential McDonald's move causes uproar
Im a Christian, but this is taking religion too far. In the end it should be up to the individual whether they want to eat unhealthy food like McDonald's or not. If the 7th Day followers want to follow the vegetarian diet, thats wonderful, but you cant force your beliefs on others.
f the zoning is right for a Mickey D's, their should be nothing a Faith/Church should be able to do. Theirs nothing wrong with peaceful Faith as theirs nothing wrong with a hamburger joint. It's crap like this that takes the weak of minds, eyes, off of real problems.
Plus, you want your child to not have the temptation, so you dont want the restaurant there in the first place, how about this? YOU are the parent, TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for your children's upbringing, and TELL THEM NO. The country as a whole coddles children WAYYYY too much. YOU are the adult. YOU pay the bills, make the money, put a roof over their head, etc. NOT THEM doing it for you. So instead of making more problems with other people, grow a pair of testicles and TELL YOUR CHILD NO. They scream? Oh well. They'll get over it eventually.
I'm sick of these death cultists (Christians) infesting society and making everyone's life miserable. Take the bible's advice, pray in your closet and shut the hell up about your cult while in public.

I don't care about your faith or what you believe. I do care when I have to constantly hear about it and you start impacting my quality of life. You don't like McDonald's? DON'T EAT THERE. What, are you people like Muslims? They cover their women up so they aren't tempted. What's the matter? Can't look at a McDonald's without ending up going inside and stuffing your obese face? Meh, some "Christian."
s a Christian, I find this repulsive! This has absolutely nothing to do with religion whatsoever! This is about personal liberty and choice! I hate it when these ignorant fools try to pervert the Bible to justify their own misguided personal agendas. Many people need and want these extra calories if they're in a hurry and have some serious physical work to do. Unlike these lazy idiots who apparantly want everyone else to conform to their sedentary lifestyle. I hope McDonalds easily wins their case without any financial burden. God Bless McDonalds!!!!!!!Potential McDonald's move causes uproar

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