Obama Reportedly to Accept Nomination at BofA Stadium

President Obama will close out the 2012 Democratic National Convention in September with anacceptance speech at Bank of America stadium in Charlotte, N.C., party sources told the Charlotte Observer.
The open-air venue, which seats more than 73,000, would significantly expand access to Obama's speech for his supporters and the public and replicate the dramatic setting from four years ago.
Obama accepted the Democratic presidential nomination in 2008 with a speech and rally before a crowd of 75,000 at Denver's Invesco Field, home to the NFL's Broncos.  Bank of America stadium is home to the Carolina Panthers.
"Multiple major changes" to the convention format will be announced at a news conference outside Bank of America stadium later today, a Democratic official told ABC News.
Expected among them is the shift from Time Warner Cable Arena, where the first three days of the convention will be held, to the stadium on the final night of the four-day nominating event, Sept. 6.

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