UK Media: Condition of Concern in Punjab Similar Films Indiana Jones

Foreign media highlights the appalling conditions in the village of Tanjung, Lebak,Banten in which adults, children and junior high school should risk their lives to go totheir school. They must pursue a wooden bridge that was severely damaged.

While holding on to the rope bridge, they must be extra careful stepping. One step,byuur! Ciberang torrential river currents, Lebak, Banten can snatch their lives.

British news agency, Reuters published pictures of smothering it. Even other Britishmedia, the Daily Mail, said the condition was similar to one of the famous scene in the film "Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom".

"At first glance, it looks like the action scenes from the film" Indiana Jones And TheTemple Of Doom ", writes the Daily Mail article starting on Friday (20/01/2012).

"However, in reality, it is a daily commute to and from work and school that adultsand children in Lebak, Indonesia," writes the Daily Mail in an article entitled "Thinkthe school run is bad? Children Indiana Jones-style face river crossing EVERY day after Floods cut off Their community ".

The British daily also featured shots of Reuters photographs depicting the pathetic spectacle.

Earlier, Reuters reported a girl named Sofiah and his friends who must risk their lives to reach their schools, 02 primary schools Biosciences Cape.

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