Katy Perry kisses the guy Indonesia discussed the International Media

Katy Pery household relationship with Russell Brand was on the horns. When KatyPerry kissed a young boy at his concert audiences, international media too busy tochew over.

Adry, the guy who claimed the 21-year-old climbed onto the stage in a state oftopless. His face looks very happy and nervous in front of the idol.

After chatting for a while, Katy landed straight into the cheek kisses a lucky guy. A kiss lasting more than 5 seconds.

Whether it was the wrong behavior or want to take advantage of the moment, Adriimmediately issued a cell phone and plans to capture that special moment. This time, he who took the initiative to kiss Katy.

Not just once, but twice. You can imagine how that guy could be the envy of the SICCbuilding a capacity of 10 thousand people.

Noted, there are three international media are preaching moment. Media UK Daily Mail, E! Online, and posting photos at Celebuzz Katy Indonesia to whom he kissed a boy on stage.

Having had reportedly planned to reconcile with Russell Brand, Katy reportedlychanged his mind after learning that Russell would write all the story of his marriage to Katy in a book.

The book is what makes Katy outraged. Singer of 'Fireworks' is really not able to forgive Russell if true the book will contain stories of their marriage.

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