Joe Paterno died

JOE PATERNO DIED JOE PATERNO DIEDYou should honestly think about removing this post. Joe Paterno admitted that he didn’t know what to do in this situation, so he took it to who thought to be the appropriate outlet. He also admitted that he failed by not following up.
It’s disgusting that you have the audacity to say that Joe Paterno shielded a pedophile when you write about having sex with any celebrity at any age on this website. Your readers shield you every day. I wish I hadn’t come across your page at all. You’re disgusting and a pervert and a pedophile from what I’ve seen on this wesbite.
And just a reminder, he’s dead. So let it go.
 Colvin: Exactly this. Because writing a satirical website is exactlythesame as abetting a child rapist - as long as you admit fault, Amirite?
From what I hear, Jeffrey Dahmer, was just misunderstood. Plus he’s dead now, so let it go for fuck’s sake.
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