Indonesia Workers Block Again Cikampek Toll-jakarta

Labor protests that blocked Cibitung toll roads, Jakarta, decided to track traffic to Bandung via toll Cipularang. Police forced the vehicle from the direction of Jakarta and asked them to rotate the direction of looking for another path.

"At Km 20, police cars with sirens across the street. The officer then told that there is a demo of workers in Cibitung and asked to turn the car to Jakarta," said Tama S Langkun toll users when contacted by AFP on Friday (01/27/2012).

Tama proceed, appeals officer makes a moving car from Jakarta rotating direction and crossed into the path that brought back to the toll gate of West Jakarta. Tama crossed around 10:30 pm.

"Now through the normal channels, which is important to find a way to Bandung," he added.

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