Ga. nurse donates kidney to patient she barely knew

Allison Batson spent two years on the transplant floor ofEmory University Hospital before her encounter with Clay Taber, a recent Auburn University graduate who fell sick one day after his 22nd birthday.
"I was at sick one day at home and my mom was at the grocery store trying to find something I could eat," said Taber. "They called her from the hospital and said Clay needs to get to the Emergency Room, he's in kidney failure."
Although she wasn't his primary nurse, Batson felt an instant connection with the college grad.
"It really touched my heart because I have children that are his age," said Batson. "We really connected."
After it was determined that Taber's mother and others in his family couldn't qualify to donate their organs, Batson offered hers.
"For someone to do that after knowing me for all of six weeks is incredible," said Taber. "It's a blessing from God."
The transplant operation took place on January 10th. Both patients are now recovering and preparing to go home.
Batson is a Georgia fan. After the procedure she went by to see how the Auburn fan was doing.
"We bumped fists and he barked at me," said Batson.
"I've got a piece of her in me and I will forever," said Taber. "She will have a special dance at my wedding."
Taber is engaged to be married. The wedding is scheduled for June.

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