Chronology of Xenia Death Car Kills Pedestrian 8

Chronology of Xenia Death Car Kills Pedestrian 8
A witness who survived the deadly collision events in MI Ridwan Rais Road, Monument Farm, Gambier, Central Jakarta, on Sunday, January 22, 2012, said the Daihatsu Xenia car drove very fast at the time of the incident.

High-speed car finally swerved and hit a group of pedestrians, killing 8 people.

"The car was not speeding anymore but it is very fast and had a zig-zag so shaky," said an eyewitness, Suwarto, 54 years old, when met at the Jakarta Police accident unit.

Suwarto explained the car was coming from the direction toward the Monument Farmers Gambier. When approaching Monument Farm, high-speed car suddenly lost control. That's when cars began to hit the pedestrians on the sidewalk.

"First, the car was seized three men, then a bunch more, and hold a group of people again. Until finally stop crashing again that there are children, mothers, and adolescents. Everything is discharged home from the monument," he said.

Suwarto said the pedestrians hit by a car while it was walking on the sidewalk. Not being crossed.

After crashing into the stop, he continued, the car did not stop as well. The car then pulled into the yard meringsek Ministry of Commerce. "As I entered the office of the ministry, the car was made ​​two more bounce, just after it stopped," he said.

"There was a small child being dragged under the car body. After the incident, I was shaking. This is all the Almighty's help, I managed to escape. This is the most terrible events," added Suwarto.

He added that after the accident, most victims do not move.

"All died on the spot. What I do know there are six who died on the spot, nothing else was taken to hospital. I cling to the little boy was not moving," said Suwarto which appears to be still in shock to the incident.

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