Cars stall after leaving gas station in Texas
The problem is the EPA has required that Texas locations sell gasoline with a 10% ethanol blend. The store probably has a leak and had gained some water in the tank. In 2010 this would not have been a problem since water is heavier than gas and it would have been at the bottom of his tank. He could of had it pumped out and it would not have been an issue. Now since it is ethanol it mixes with the water when it is dropped and gets pumped in to customers tanks. If anyone is to blame it is the federal government
This store owner just invested in the best advertisement he could possibly have! He went above and beyond his liability and provided a service without demanding anything in return. Our politicians and public servants should pay attention to this.... gone is the day when people took and honorably performed jobs for the good of mankind. Everybody wants to be like t.v. preachers and get paid big bucks because they worship the almighty dollar more than their fellow man.
Now that is a business man who is an honest guy. Passing out a couple hundred at the scene is practically unheard of. Reminds me however of a training session I attended once where the speaker told us a nationwide parcel delivery service had a policy of allowing their supervisors to pay out a pretty hefty amount of cash at the scene of an accident. Once the party that got schmushed signed the waiver of liability form the check was turned over right after the collision.
I had a friend who had this happen. The tanks at the gas station were topped off, unfortunately diesel was put in the unleaded tank at the station. The only way to fix it is to drain the cars fuel tank, flush the rest of the fuel system, and move on.

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