Bridges in the United States 'Torn' was hit by a Giant Cargo Ships

Bridges in the United States 'Torn' was hit by a Giant Cargo Ships A giant cargo ship crashed into a steel bridge in the area of ​​Kentucky, United States (U.S.). As a result the 91-meter long bridge was torn and stuck on the front of the ship.

Named Delta Mariner cargo ship has a length of 95 meters.When viewed from its size, the ship was too large to traverse the bottom of the bridge named Eggner Ferry Bridge, which stretches across Kentucky Lake Reservoir.

Similarly, as reported by the Daily Mail, Saturday (28/01/2012).

This cargo ship transporting aircraft parts belonging to the enterprise space and the United Launch Alliance will be used toassemble spacecraft to be launched from Headquarters U.S. Air Force Cape Canaveral in Florida.

Some bridges were destroyed after it was hit by a ship. Steel bridge was torn away when hit, the asphalt road that is in it tootorn.

In fact in mind that a km long bridge is the only access to the lakeand across the Tennessee River. With terpotongnya partialbridge, the road users must turn away up to tens of kilometers tocross the river. Post-event, the bridge was closed and guardedby the coast guard officers.

According to local government, there were no casualties as a result of this incident. Currently, local governments are investigating further about this incident.

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