Boeing 757 pilots killed in Upper Sky China

Boeing 757 pilots killed in Upper Sky ChinaBoeing 757 pilot's flight makapai UTair died suddenly in the course of the route Bangkok-Novosibirsk, western Siberia. He was declared dead over the skies of China.

Sergei Golev (44) had a heart attack and died in a plane cockpit, although every effort has been made to save him. In fact, a cardiologist passengers who could not keep him alive.

Fortunately, there are 239 passengers on board survived, landing in Novosibirsk airport went smoothly, although one pilot dead.

As a result of the incident, the captain when it intends to pilot made ​​an emergency landing in Chengdu, China. But the void, because Golev died long before the plane touched the runway.

Senior investigator, said Anastasia Utochkina, co-pilot died at 12:15 o'clock local time. Three hours after takeoff.

"The captain decided to land an emergency, while one of the crew for help, including the female doctor on board to help," said he, like the Daily Mail published. "However, efforts to revive the man lying on the floor of the cockpit, to fail."

When questioned, the airport insists, co-pilot who died on duty does not control the plane, but as a passenger on the flight.

"The pilot who died traveled as ordinary passengers," said Irina Levit, PR Novosibirsk airport.

"The plane was owned airline UTair, where Sergey Golev work. There is no threat to passengers in the incident."

Other information call, Golev is a reserve pilot, whose job is to replace pilots who are sick.

Russian transport authorities are conducting an investigation to uncover the cause of the incident.

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