Bill Cowher has turned down at least three NFL teams

Bill Cowher has turned down at least three NFL teams
At least three NFL teams have called Bill Cowher with coaching offers this season, but he sounds like a man who has little interest in leaving the comfort of his chair at CBS for the harsh realities of the sideline.

Cower was on the Dan Patrick Show today and, with Bonnie Bernstein subbing as host, was asked whether his coaching offers were over or under two.

Cowher laughed, then said, "Oh, it's over," while not specifying which teams were interested.

As for coming back after a five-season hiatus from the coaching ranks as an analyst for CBS, Cowher added:

"I don't know if I've ever been that ready, honestly . . . Let me tell you, if there's any doubt, then there's no doubt you're not ready to come back. You have to be all in to take that job."

Cowher acknowledged missing some aspects of his 15-year tenure as head coach of the Steelers, but said:

"That's all I did my whole life. Right now I have a chance to have an offseason, a chance to do some traveling and do some things I've never had a chance to do before, and to be honest with you I'm enjoying that . . .

"But with CBS I'm still able to be part of the game, watching the game, watch it evolve, still be somewhat on the inside, but it's not the all-encompassing part of it."

And as an analyst, Cowher said, "You feel a lot better on Mondays."

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