Australian Teachers: Students Shocked Kiss My Hand

Education system, plus a different culture makes some Australian teacher program participants Building Relations through Intercultural Dialogue and Growing Engagement (BRIDGE) was shocked so had the opportunity to teach a few weeks in Indonesia.
However, they can quickly adapt and claimed many find it interesting that they do not encounter in their country.

"I see students Indonesia have great respect for their teachers. Honestly, I was surprised with the tradition of the disciples kissed my hand as a form of respect for teachers," said Emily Sullivan, a teacher from Our Lady of Sacred Heart College, Adelaide, in Jakarta.

According to Emily, who taught for several weeks at MAN 2 Jakarta, in Australia the students greet their teacher used a casual manner. No wonder his first experience of getting kissed the hands of Indonesian students are very impressive.

Colleagues Emily, Laura Brzezinski, also admitted impressed with the tradition of the flag ceremony. "You respect the services of a hero with feet and saluted for a few minutes every Monday morning, it was awesome. People Indonesia turned out to appreciate the services of his hero," he said.

For Emily and Laura, who had never been to Indonesia before attending the BRIDGE program, their experiences shatter stereotypes about people of Indonesia that has been heralded outdoor media.

The same thing also expressed Chad Adam, Canberra Grammar School teacher, who admitted that he had often traveled to Bali. He said the Australian media has been describing Indonesia as the country still lags behind, except for Bali tourism is worldwide....

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