The attack death toll Boko Haram in Negeria Reaches 162 People

The attack death toll Boko Haram in Negeria
the attack death toll boko haram reaches 162 people The death toll from bombings and shootings carried out the Boko Haram in the city of Kano, Nigeria, reaching 162 people. The bodies were lying in the streets of the city's second largest Negeria.

"At the moment there are 162 bodies in the morgue, and this number still seems to be changed because the corpse was lifted," said one of the largest mortuary in the city of Kano who do not want to be named, as reported by AFP on Sunday (22 / 1 / 2012).
The attack death toll Boko Haram in Negeria
He added that it began to receive the bodies from the night of the attack on Friday, January 20 last. Evacuation of the bodies carried out by volunteers. Sources at the Red Cross said it alone has counted as many as 121 bodies.

Boko Haram attacked eight police stations and immigration in the city, despite a curfew was imposed. Terkoordir attack was a response well above Boko Haram local authorities who refused to release its members from prison. Yet unknown number of 162 people killed were from the party anywhere.
The attack death toll Boko Haram in Negeria
The attack of the day it was recorded as the most daring performed by Boko Haram. 20 large explosions could be heard in the city of Kano. While a suicide bomber pushed into the police station and a car bomb destroyed the police headquarters, after police shot an assailant who melarkan themselves.
The attack death toll Boko Haram in Negeria
Nigerian authorities themselves have not provided definitive information about the number of casualties. "We have no exact casualty figures, but the number of bodies were taken from various places in the city by more than 100 volunteers," said City Commissioner Information Kono, Faruk Jubril.

Naziru Mohammad, a resident who lives near the police headquarters said, "Along the road between my house and the police headquarters, I counted 16 bodies lying in the street, six of them policemen."

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