2012 Golden Globe Awards predictions

2012 Golden Globe Awards predictionsI have my own home theater now. And watch what I want.. Sad to say, 95% of the Movies now are crap!.. I don't go to the show any more. No need. And I don't want to watch crap.. Pay up the butt to get in. Have out of control people and kids.. #$%$ pop corn and crap cokes.. I have all I need at home now!
I met the man of my dreasms on the place mentioned in my nickname (wink*wink**) it gives you a chance to make your life better and open opportunities for you to meet the attractive young man and treat you like a queen!
Why is it a big deal to give a bunch of overpaid, underworked, spoiled hollywood types more "honors" and awards? They ain't treated extra special enough? They don't have enough to feed their oversized egos already? You think who or what is best has anything to do with this and it all ain't about hollywood politics? You watch, I wont. I'll be watching NatGeo or ESPN or such.
I will watch the red carpet show where all the women walk around with their chins in the air as if to say, "Look at me, aren't I beautiful". It really keeps me in check and glad that I am such a simple girl..... The awards..........I could care less!!!!!!
Who cares? Actors and everyone else in hollywood are so way overpaid. You occupiers should occupy hollywod! They steal your money. Go occupy sean penns house. hollywood cannot keep up. we've all rented the good stuff and they just make more crap and then give tnemselves self righteous undeserved awards. They get no more of my money.
What ever became of the Hollywood Epic, that required thousands of actors to play a part?
Geroge and such have become quite a bore to me. Does anyone consider this putz a hard, or tough guy? Walburg could eat this flabby boy for lunch and have room for Hanks for desert.

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