Would You Wear These High-Heeled Ice Skates?

DSQUARED2's laser-cut ice skate high heels are shown here. Image courtesy DSQUARED2.
When it comes to shoes, I didn't think I would ever find a pair that made me think twice before purchasing.
Meet DSQUARED2's high-heeled ice skates.  These beautifully stitched heels are conveniently attached to laser-cut ice skates, allowing for a fashionable statement at the ice rink.
Logistically, these shoes are a little scary:  I walk slowly in heels to avoid tripping and my ankles wobble in skates.  Combine the two and you have a broken ankle waiting to happen.
If you're willing to take the risk in the name of fashion, pick up a pair for $1,137.00.  (Marked down from the original price of $1,895.00)
Whether you're skating underneath the tree at Rockefeller Center, or going to your local rink, would you wear these skates?  How gorgeous would these be without the blades?! Tell us what you think.

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