The hot rumor is that the first teaser trailer for "The Dark Knight Rises" will be attached to "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2" this weekend. We're inclined to believe that rumor, because late last night, Warner Bros. started the ball rolling by releasing the first teaser poster, confirming the first real existence of anything involving Christopher Nolan's movie. (Save of course that photo of Bane's back acne.) And one thing is clear: this is definitely a Christopher Nolan joint -- the poster looks a whole lot like Nolan's last cinematic success, "Inception."

Both posters depict a forboding, dark metropolis, with ominous skyscrapers surrounding the hero (DiCaprio, in the case of "Inception," the Batman symbol in the case of "Dark Knight.")

Before we show you the poster, we just have to say that the release of the teaser poster and trailer is making us all sentimental. Nolan has said this will be his final Batman movie, and eventually some other, lesser director will take over, and Batman will go back to being Just The Coolest Superhero rather than the vivid, tortured center of chaos that Nolan has made him, and Gotham, into.

Nolan attempted to transform not just Batman, not just superhero movies, but big-budget blockbusters all together, showing that they could be smart, character-driven, terrifying and enigmatic, all at once ... and still make huge mounds of cash. A look at the hit films this summer clearly shows that he wasn't entirely successful, but he surely will inspire others to try. And the films themselves have been so terrific that, honestly, a year away, we're a little sad to think that "The Dark Knight Rises" will be the last one.

Anyway, here's the poster. It's "Inception" means "Batman" meets all heck breaking loose:

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